The open air museum complex in memory of victims of political repressions in the village of Mereni was founded by Alexandru Postica, and was registered in the Museums’ Register of Moldova under No 110, pursuant to the Ministry of Culture Order No 260 of 23 October 2013.

The complex will be built on a plot of 3.1 ha of land in the center of the village of Mereni, Anenii Noi district, located about 15 km southeast of Chisinau.

The purpose of the complex is to create a complex monument, a historical museum regarding the political repressions that took place in the past in the Republic of Moldova. The museum building appeared thanks to a public-private partnership contract concluded between the Mayoralty of Mereni village and SRL "Delia Star" in 2012.

The museum complex will include several essential compartments, descriptive concepts of the tragic events that took place between 1917 and 1989 on the territory of the Republic of Moldova. Thus, one compartment will represent, realistically and symbolically (architecture, interior, objects, documents), the traditional household as it existed before deportation. Other departments will represent the deportation itself by its tragic phases, the crimes and the criminals involved in it. This conceptual structure will be located in representative modules by consecutive evolution of historical events. At least 11 modules will be erected in total, which represents separate complexes, but consecutively related to the general idea.

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