In the days when criminals decided the fate of many Bessarabians, our citizens’ peace became an illusion. Under the pressure of the Soviet Army, thousands of compatriots were got out of bed at midnight and taken away to never return to their homes, or after a long time. Betrayed mainly by intelligence, and included in "spisoc" (lists) of kulaks, the vast majority of peasants who had only the basic things for a decent life, earned through the entire family’s toiling in sweat, would lose everything in some hours, remaining without their earnings of a lifetime, and their property would be stolen and divided.

This module opens to visitors a historical page of the beginnings of murders, Basarabians’ tortures and ordeal. Thus, while watching the other historical modules, the visitors will experience the entire history of the fate of those politically repressed and deported to "socialist camps”. The narrative exposure of the communist horrors in the museum (from the first to the last module) will be consistent with the stages of physical and ideological genocide promoted by the Bolsheviks towards citizens of different states.

There will also be several panels with photos of different scenes of deportation included in this module. These panels will be placed at the border of historical modules, thus delimiting the differences in the perception of events by visitors. To add a bit of emotions to visitors in perceiving the, event (arrest), audio and visual technical equipment will be used in the interrogation room.

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